Doing it my way

Stuck in a job you hate? Can’t imagine your life any different? About 5 years ago, I was you. No, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme or a “business opportunity”. I’m writing as a way to orgnise my thoughts and also to hopefully inspire a couple of people at the same time.

Anyhow, I used to work in a bank and hated every minute of it. I used to get physically ill at the idea of going to work and sometimes couldn’t dragmyself out of bed. Funny thing was that I’d reached the pinnacle of my career – I’d achieved my early career goals and still wasn’t happy. By sheer chance, a friend stumbled onto a Citizen Reporter site that actually paid for contributions. Granted, the pay was bad but it got me hooked. I finally realised that there was a life after the bank and that I had an alternate way of making money. I quickly set muself up and submitted reports. I was gaining money and confidence at the same time. I devoured everything I could find on freelance writing as a career and, after a few months, submitted my first article to a local newspaper. It was publised and I received R500. I was ecstatic. I had achieved my goal of becomiong a published writer – it was amazing. It also meant that I’d have to move my goalposts a little. I could no longer aspire to being a published writer – I already was one. Nor could I aspire to being a “professional” writer – I’d been paid. Now my dreams were a bit bigger – to earn a living through writing. IMagine the immense satisfaction garnered from doing what I loved for a living. I had some more articles published and then took the plunge. I quit my day job.

The euphoria lasted for weeks before my last official day at the bank. I was going to take the publsihing world by storm. I would write daily and earn truckloads of cash.

Alas, doing what you love for a living doesn’t always ensure success. There’s a big difference between a hobby and a job. I also found that the emotional problems I’d had in the bank didn’t just go away after I’d quit. I’d find myself getting up a little later every day and turning on the TV in order to catch a programme or two before getting the writing started. Eventually, I’d find that a “programme or two” turned into watching Dr Phil and Judge Judy until two in the afternoon. By then, I ddecided that I’d left it to late to start any writing and would procrastinate until the next day. This went on for 3 months until I got an offer to go back to the bank for 3 weeks in order to train someone…………..

I’ll finish up tomorrow – I’m a little tired now. Have a great day.


3 thoughts on “Doing it my way

  1. I really like your article and would like to know what you’re doing now and if you are or were satisfied with the “training-job”? 🙂

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